Saturday, August 22, 2009


Human has basic needs. Aside from food and shelter, we need love, acceptance, care, etc., from others. How do express that need? How do we satisfy that need? Aside from what we get from God, which is sufficient enough to last us our lifetime, we also need to have people around us fulfill and satisfy our needs.

People need love and care. How do we satisfy that need?

But first, let me categorize each need. This way, it is better and easier for us to determine which needs we have met and have given.


I can only think of these categories so far. I will get back here once I find more. I am going to talk about it one by one.

I hope to be able to express my thoughts in dealing with peoples' needs, how to recognize those needs. And as a result, I am hoping to compile some ways to meet those needs.

We all need love and care. But depending on our personalities, we receive each care differently. As a start, let me tell you a story about this woman named Isabella or Bella for short (not her real name). Isabella went to another country, faced another culture, another language, with an intercultural team.

Bella was sent to another country by her church. The church thought that once they sent her, they could just leave her alone. The church thought that as a matured person being sent by church, she didn't need to be followed up with, didn't need to be communicated. Let God do the rest, they thought...

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